Dog Visits The Beach Daily Watching The Sea Waiting For His Owner Who Will Never Return

A dog approached them and seemed to be by itself after the woman and her family had relaxed peacefully along the coastline to take in the vista and the wind.

To The Dodo, Jolie stated:

He didn’t appear abandoned, she said. He had clean fur and a ribbon around his neck. While waiting for his owner, I pet him, but nobody arrived after a while.

The cute puppy played with Jolie and had some cuddles, but his eyes were always fixed on the ocean. The amazing and poignant cause was eventually revealed to the woman.

Because they believed the puppy had been abandoned there, Jolie and her family were hesitant to accept it. She questioned the local man who had just passed by if he knew the tale of the dog at that very moment.

She adds up:

“He added that the dog is well-known and loved by almost everyone in the neighborhood. He said to us that the dog was once owned by a deceased fisherman and that it regularly visits the shore to gaze at the water.

Although his pal no longer returns home, it appears that the dog has been waiting for his return. The dog has allegedly been sitting on the beach gazing at the water without fail since its owner passed away around a year ago, according to Jolie.

The residents of the neighborhood who care for the dog, feed it, and provide it medical care as needed are aware of its past. The dog’s owner, a woman who lives close to the shore, and his name, Vaguito, were both confirmed by a local veterinarian in Punta Negra.

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