Dog Seen Falling From The 9th Floor,Saved Thankfully By A Passerby

We all know the superheroes that we always watch them in Avengers like Superman, Spider-Man, and Thor. But this man is a real superhero as he was in the best place at the exact time to save a dog.

The story began when a Shih Tzu called Mel was playing on the ninth-floor balcony in Brazil when she fell onto the railing! If she hit the ground, it would be a sure death, but actually this passerby was there just in time.

The man, Joao Augusto, heard some cries and barking above him, so he took a look up and saw that the dog was about to fall down, so he yelled to Paulo Narciso, the caretaker of the building to bring a sheet or towel to catch Mel, but actually the time wasn’t enough to do that.

Thankfully, Augusto was a real hero as he positioned himself when he saw that Mel slept and fall from 100ft and he was able to catch her before reaching the ground. What a hero! Watch the video below.

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