Devastated Mama Dog Begs For Help To Save Her Dying Puppy

The love of mothers knows no bounds as they protect and take care of their children at all costs.

So, when Animals Aid Unlimited saw this bitch, she was very sad because her baby was lying on the brink of death! The puppy was in a coma, and rescuers took it directly to the hospital for treatment.

He received IV drips to stabilize and was treated for life-threatening hypothermia!

His puncture wound had been bandaged and luckily he had no broken bones. Thankfully, the next morning, he woke up from a coma!

The puppy named Snuggler is getting better day by day. A week later, he even started eating by himself!

The best thing is when he is reunited with his mom and siblings! A touching reunion! How cute! Watch the video below.

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