Dealership In Brazil Adopted A Homeless Dog And Turns Him Into A Car Salesman

Even though many businesses are dog-friendly, having one join the team at work sounds emotional, as it did in a Hyundai sales store in Serra, Brazil’s state of Espirito Santo.

Consider entering this showroom and being welcomed by your greatest employee, a stunning dog by the name of “Tucson Prime.”

The beginning of this amazing tale, however, is a little depressing because the dog had many challenges when he first started out as a street dog.

He was frequently spotted alone strolling about the dealership by company employees, who occasionally came up to him, patted him, and fed him. After a few weeks, the dog won over the staff members and made them close friends; as a result, they chose to adopt him.

He was given a bath, a shot, a deworming, and even had a miniature house erected for him within the Hyundai showroom by staff members.

Tucson Prime was content since he now lived in a brand-new house with all the conveniences, including air conditioning and enough food for each day. Not satisfied with this, the staff of the business decided to make him an honorary employee with his own ID card.

Tucson Prime’s life took a highly dramatic turn when, following his adoption in May, he rose to fame as a car salesperson.

The adorable little dog is now seen around the whole showroom, waving to clients or business leaders and watching over the entire dealership.

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