Coming home in the cold at 4:30 a.m., one imagines that Patrick Hennesy wanted nothing more than to get home and warm up in his bed as quickly as possible.

But when he spotted two terrified puppies who needed help, he didn’t hesitate to stop and help them.

Two pit bulls were huddled together on the side of the road, and Hennesy quickly realized they were injured and needed help.

The man immediately called the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, and soon after, two police officers arrived at the scene. The frightened and injured puppies were whimpering softly and there was blood spatter on the ground.

When the officers approached the stray dogs, the two puppies licked them and rubbed against them as if to thank them.

It was as if they knew the officers were there to help them.

The officers soon discovered the source of the blood spatter on the ground: one of the stray dogs was bleeding profusely.

Officers deduced that the stray dog must have been hit by a car, then quickly did what they could to stop the bleeding.

While one officer applied gauze and pressure to the stray dog’s wound, the other contacted Orange County Animal Services, who asked the officers to stay with the pups until they could come and take over.

Officers hugged the cold and shivering puppies to warm them, and did everything they could to comfort them until help arrived.

Even though they were both cold and tired, there was no way they were going to abandon the two puppies in need.

Finally, Animal Services arrived on the scene and took them in.

Thanks to the patience and kindness of the police officers, the two puppies had become less frightened, and once brought to the shelter, the two pit bulls were nothing but happy, loving and grateful.

The two puppies have been named Liberty and Justice, and have already brought so much joy and happiness to the shelter staff, who hope that the adorable pair will find their perfect forever families very soon.

The officers who kept them safe were able to visit them after they settled in at the shelter, and we are thrilled to see that Liberty and Justice seem to be the happiest puppies in the world.

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