Camera Catches Hero Pit Bull Saving Her Friend From Drowning In Pool

Having a friend who has your back can make all the difference in the world.

Just ask this little Chihuahua named Pulma

The other day, Pulma was hanging out with his dog siblings at home in Brazil when one tiny mistake almost led to a huge disaster.

While sniffing around by his family’s pool, Pulma slipped and fell into the water. He paddled with his little paws the best he could, but it soon became clear that he wasn’t able to get out on his own. Pulma was at risk of drowning.

But then a hero emerged. It was Pulma’s pit bull pal, Athena.

Here’s that moment on video:

Athena had saved the day.

The dogs’ owners were at home at the time. They ran outside after they heard splashing, only to discover Athena had rescued Pulma already. At first, owner Janaina Leite was worried that Athena’s grip might be too strong as she moved Pulma from the pool, but after she released the pup, he emerged startled but unscathed.