Broken Dog Who Has Been Thrown Like Trash Could Takes His First Steps

 Many people passed by and didn’t care about his situation

A stray dog called Lawson was forced to tug in the streets of Istanbul after getting hit by a car. Losing the power to maneuver his back legs made him unable to urge food, so, he became more damaged.

Thankfully, He’art of Rescue, a rescue group, saw him and decided to assist him. you’ll see in the video below that Lawson has struggled many things to survive as his body was filled with cuts!

Unfortunately, he wouldn’t be ready to walk again, so, the rescuers began to teach him how to walk with a wheelchair! The 1-year-old dog, who is so happy now, was ready to take his first steps using the wheelchair. He then became great using the chair as he can now run and play with it.