Brave Vet Rescues Traumatized Animals From Ukraine And Brings Them To Safety

Jakub Kotowicz, a veterinarian from Poland, and a handful of other volunteers have decided to take action because so many animals are suffering needlessly as a result of the bombardment that Ukraine is experiencing. He thus planned a rescue mission to the neighboring nation to save as many animals as he could.

The vehicle that carries them is loaded with food supplies and animal cages for each journey. As a result, he has saved from Lviv roughly 200 cats and 60 dogs.

Many of the animals they save will be moved, but a few cats have even been reunited with their Ukrainian families because they were so severely damaged that they had to be put to death.

Even though the trek to the Ukrainian cities is quite risky and the animals are frequently in grave condition, Jakub and his team’s efforts are worthwhile.

Despite being extremely stressed and afraid, the rescued animals are able to recuperate from their trauma by being adopted by volunteers or staff at the rescue facilities where they are placed.

A dog with a gunshot in its spine and a pygmy goat with leg issues were both rescued by the doctor and his colleagues. A inquisitive sphynx cat wearing a knit sweater and a chihuahua puppy with his mother were also saved by them. All of this happened on one of his initial visits to the impacted communities.

Jakub intends to adopt Sasha, a two-month-old pygmy goat with leg issues that was saved from Lviv. Sasha has leg issues. Sasha sleeps on the same bed with the chihuahuas and veterinarians from the ADA Foundation, an animal rescue organization that Jakub created when Sasha was just 17 years old.

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