Border Collie Found In The Woods With Paws And Muzzle Tied Is Found Just In Time

She was walking in a remote area when she stumbled upon a heartbreaking sight. A dog had been tied to a tunnel under a bridge and was left to die.

The border collie’s mouth, front, and back paws were tied. Thus, ensuring the poor dog couldn’t defend itself from predators, eat, or drink. It was as if the person who left the dog there wanted to ensure it suffered as much as possible.

The woman who found the dog called rescuers and said she recognized the dog. It belonged to her neighbor, and she thought he threw the dog off the bridge, and somehow it made its way into the hole under the bridge.

Her neighbor had divorced his wife and was going through a tough time with his new wife, yet that doesn’t excuse the horrible abuse he inflicted on the precious dog. The dog’s eyes were full of heartbreak and sad stories the pup can never share but the neighbor did.

She said the man was abusive and often fought with his new wife. When he did, he got combative and would hit the innocent dog. The woman said she had even gone over to his house to see what was going on and found the woman also abusing the dog, sometimes several times a day and in unfathomable ways.

She went on to share the terrible things that had happened to the dog. Despite being tossed away like garbage, it seemed it was far better to be in the woods than in the hands of people terrorizing it.

Now the sweet dog was in caring hands that would love and care for him. Never again would suffer abuse, be starved, beaten, or forced to endure living in a home where arguing and violence was normalized.

They took the dog to the shelter and began to nurse him back to health. Despite their kindness, the scared dog would cower whenever they raised their hand. It would take time and patience before the wounded pup would heal.

Thankfully, the dog was found in time and able to be saved. His human caretakers don’t deserve him but do deserve punishment for their horrible crimes against an animal. Always stand up again animal abuse, they have no one else. Please share this story with your friends.

Please share this post with your friends!