Bonded Pitties Who Refused To Be Separated Travel Across The World To Meet Their Dad

Rachel Hinman from Slaughterhouse Survivors Animal Rescue was notified that some dogs were found behind on a property in China. They were destined to be sold to the meat market.

The landlord finally let the rescuers take the 13 dogs. Among them was a pitbull mix named Backpack (BP). When rescuers saw Backpack they thought that he looked like another dog Todd rescued in the other group of dogs.

The dogs had a strong bond and though the animal rescue never put two dogs together in a kennel they did an exception for Toad and Backpack.

Soon a man named Jed adopted them from Los Angeles and waited patiently for their arrival. Jed was concerned about whether the dogs would accept him or not. Toad was a shy dog and got used to Jed not immediately. However, Backpack was a more sociable dog and got used to a new dad sooner and easier. Soon Jed didn’t have personal space as the dogs wanted to spent much time with him. The dogs now live with their dad happily.

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