Biker Gang Destroys Dog Fight Rings And Rescues Animals From Cruel Owners!

If only there were more people like them to rescue animals like this biker gang.

Rescue Ink was a prominent biker gang between 2008 to 2014. They found a niche in [cru.elty] cases that law enforcement simply couldn’t tackle.
Why can’t law enforcement do more to shut these places down?

The men made agreements with numerous rescues and veterinarians and were a valuable resource in some [pretty hein.ous] cases.

The group consisted of bikers, ex-bodybuilders, power-lifting champions, former military personnel, police detectives, and lawyers. Guys who had an [inti.mida.tion] factor and knowledge of the law so that they could walk the fine edge of legality to save as many [a.bu.sed and neg.lec.ted] animals as possible.

They managed to stay within the boundaries of the law, cooperate with police and handle over 1,000 emails and up to 250 phone calls every day. They’ve rescued everything from dogs and cats to horses and a boa constrictor.

They deserve a second chance for a loving home!❤❤❤

Through many caseloads, obstacles, and downright challenges, they remain strong and dedicated to they mission.

Please keep up the great work.

Animal protectors and saviours, we all thank you for your courage and love of animals. 🐕🦮🐕‍🦺❤🥰 Hero to the fur baby’s!
THANK YOU…for rescueing these poor animals.

Bless you and please keep up the fantastic work.🙏🙏🙏 All creatures deserve to be safe and happy! ❤❤

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