Bald Dog Dumped In A Cold Yard In A Christmas Sweater, Rescued On New Year’s Day

In the New Coundon area of Bishop Auckland, a neighbor heard the sound of dog barks from the yard next door. Knowing that the owners were away and did not own a dog, the neighbor informed animal rescue

RSPCA Inspector Lucy Hoehne rushed to collect the dog. She was surprised to find a cold, terrified dog wearing a sweet Christmas jumper. The dog’s diseased skin was completely bald from the back end and legs. She had been dumped there by someone.

The vets didn’t find any micro-chip on the Terrier, so they assumed her to be about 8-years-old. Deciding to call her Ducky, they conducted biopsies to determine her skin condition. She is currently being given proper medication and care.

Meanwhile, the officers at RSPCA hope to find her owner who dumped her in such an cruel manner. They believe that someone will identify the distinct snowman pattern on the B & M jumper and come forward with some information.

Lucy feels that Ducky must have been really scared to be out in that freezing yard amidst the scary noise of fireworks during New Year celebrations. Ducky seems much more relaxed now with all the warmth and care she has been receiving.

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