Abandoned Puppy Waits On The Street For Someone Help

God bless you! Thank you for rescuing this little dog and giving him a new life.

Lika is an animal lover who currently resides and works in Thailand. She has a YouTube channel called Lika Loves Animals, where she shares animal rescue videos. Last year, she and a family member had the opportunity to rescue an abandoned dog from the street and let him live a better life.

She will never forget the day she met and saved the dog. On that day, a member of her family was walking down the street when he noticed a box with the words “please help.” He didn’t know what it was, so he came to check and saw the white puppy in the box.

Because the puppy was sick and dirty, he immediately took him home. He and Lika scrubbed the puppy’s body to remove muck, filth, salt, and sand. She then fed him and gave him water to replenish his empty stomach. He ate rapidly because he was hungry.

The pup needs a good night’s sleep after finishing the dinner. Lika soon made him a lovely and comfortable bed. She made the bed with a shoe box and a nice blanket. She even hugged and snuggled up to comfort the dog before he fell asleep.

After everything that happened to him in the past, this unfortunate puppy now has a new owner and the loving home he deserves. May God bless you! You are good people with a big heart. Thank you for saving and rehabilitating this tiny dog.

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