Abandoned Dog; Whose Siblings Got Adopted, Abandoned To Fend For Himself!

A poor dog called Gunnar was left once he was born as his mama’s owners could not afford to take care of him and his newborn siblings. The owners dumped all of Gunnar’s siblings, but they abandoned him behind the property!

He was completely afraid as he was dumped all alone without his family. He carried a piece of bread in his mouth which was bigger than him! Fortunately, Sidewalk Specials found him, and took him to Vet Point, where he was examined and found fleas and ticks. He needed iron infusions, as he was severely anemic because of the worms.

He was given a good meal and placed in a safe, comfy kennel as he needed necessary medical attention. The best thing was that he got adopted by a kind woman, who really loves him. They always play with the ball in the yard. Watch the video below.

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