A Woman Looking To Adopt A Dog Finds The One She Lost Two Years Prior

As Neves drove to the shelter, she worried that Kovu might not remember her but she didn’t need to. As soon as her dog saw her, it was clear to everyone that he knew who she was. Neves said:

“As soon as he started coming, he started squealing and screaming and yelling and jumping on me kissing me,” she said. “I love him so much. I’m just so happy he’s back.”

After their meeting, which saw Kovu running in circles and hopping into Nieves’ arms over and over again, they went home. “Their reunion was undeniable and heartwarming to all who were there,” a shelter worker, Huber said. “The way that Kovu reacted and remembered [his] owner when he saw her made the reunion all the more memorable. It was a moment that gave you all the loving chills.”

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