A man traveled 2,800 miles to rescue a pit bull from being put down.

Pit bulls are capturing the hearts of people worldwide, as they go to great lengths to help them. Mario Rodriguez, a truck driver, experienced this firsthand when he saw a picture of Hickory, a beautiful pit bull with an infectious smile, who was unfortunately on the euthanasia list at the Animal Care Center Shelter in New York.

Mario has had a close relationship with pit bulls since childhood and was determined to give Hickory the chance to live a happy life. However, he was working in California, and time was running out to rescue the dog.

Undeterred, Mario made the risky decision to drive all the way from California to New York, a distance of over 2,800 miles, to save Hickory. He called the shelter every day during his journey to make sure Hickory was still alive.

Upon arriving at the shelter, Hickory’s excitement and obvious understanding that Mario had come to save him were heartwarming. After bonding with his new pit bull brothers at home, Hickory became Mario’s new co-pilot and has been enjoying life on the road, meeting cows and horses along the way.

Mario and Hickory were meant to be together, and their touching story of love and determination is a testament to the special bond between humans and pit bulls.