A driver rescued an unconscious dog and a puppy with three broken legs from an accident

Despite having three broken legs, the puppy made an effort to call out to his mother, tears streaming down his face.

After the accident, the driver pulled them to the side of the road, disregarding the unconscious dog. The injured puppy was crying, trying to reach out to his mother. When she woke up, she was worried about her puppy, who had a serious bone fracture and needed surgery. The operation was carried out, but he was scared and didn’t understand what was happening.

The mother dog approached to comfort him, and he was overjoyed to see his mother safe. These were the emotional moments that marked his recovery since he broke all three legs. Despite being given high doses of painkillers, the pain still kept him awake for several days.

When we left the hospital, going home would be a more peaceful environment for him to rest. However, his fear didn’t completely disappear. It was difficult for the puppy to forget everything that had happened, especially when he thought he had lost his mother.

Meanwhile, the mother dog took care of her own health and was stable in weight. She trusted us after what had happened. One thing was certain; she once had a home. But why were she and her puppy on this road? There was no collar around her neck all day; she was just wandering around where her puppy was resting. So, we often took her for walks on foot.

As for the puppy, his condition improved, and the sores were no longer inflamed. However, he was always restless and wanted to get up. He realized he couldn’t stand on one leg, and we stood by him to calm him down. Everyone hoped that his legs would recover soon. We brought him toys to make him happier, but he showed no interest in playing at all. The only thing he wanted was to return to his normal self.

That day was already a special day for our shelter. Many flowers and gifts were sent to show love for the poor dogs here. There was also plenty of food and donated medicines for the children. Love was taught by kind parents, and all the children were very excited to spend the day with the dogs, taking care of them.

With each passing day, Ramses grew significantly, and his bone healed, allowing him to stand. Removing the casts from his legs was just a matter of time, and a nurse who loved him wanted to adopt him. It was a wonderful turn of events in his life, and the mother dog stayed with us.

Days went by, and we had no information about her owner. Since then, she has been living with us, surrounded by love and care. What a beautiful ending for her and her brave little boy.”