A California Firefighter Saved A Cat From A Wildfire And She Hasn’t Left His Side Since

In Paradise, California, America’s deadliest wildfire has left a deadly trail of destruction and anguish, not just for humans, but also for animals and domestic pets. Thousands of animals are being threatened by wildfires burning throughout California, and animal lovers around the state have come together to preserve them.

And in this wildfire deemed to be the most destructive in California’s history, there are some people have found a life-long friend especially from non-humans. That is the story of Ryan Coleman, a firefighter who gained an unexpected new friend while fighting the raging fires in Paradise, California on November last year.

A gorgeous fluffy grey cat came tromping out to Ryan as he was exploring through what was remained of the town. Since the frightening fire erupted, Coleman was most likely the first human this unfortunate cat had seen. That’s why the cat came running up to him, knowing that Ryan would protect her.

Thankfully, unlike so many other animals, the cat survived the frightening fire and was unaffected by the heat of Camp Fire. Ryan was quick to bring out his phone and grab a lovely photo of the large cat, who looked anxious to welcome him.

Ryan’s cat got fast friends with him and wouldn’t allow him leave the house without him. The cat enjoys riding on the firefighter’s muscular shoulders, where he can press her head against his face while rubbing his stubbly beard back and forth.

We are happy to see the heroes like this firefighter get the love and gratitude they deserve.

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