4 Young Boys Rescue Starving, Abandoned Dog Tied To House With Bungee Cords

4 young brothers recently have proved that wherever there are villains, there are heroes.

Brothers Kenny, Kenneth, and Kevin Dancy, along with friend Andrew Daniels found a tied dog in the 7 Mile area of Detroit.

The poor dog was tied to the back of a house with bungee cords. They acted very well and after removing the bungee cords they tried to warm the dog. The dog was named Sparkle. The dog was malnourished and weak. They were fortunate to meet members of the Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue while walking Sparkle out in the neighborhood. The rescue team immediately took Sparkle to the vet where he got the needed treatment.

The boys visited him to know that everything was ok with the dog and that he was in safe hands. People praised these boys for their heroic deeds. The boys decided to help other dogs and cooperated with the rescue center when they found other dogs in need too.

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