-25 degrees, this faithful dog gazed at each passing driver, he was desperate

This loyal dog had been sitting here for days, waiting for someone. Even though the snow covered him, he was still sitting there. What made a dog sit here in the cold and hunger? Only loyalty and love made him so. He looked at every passing car and its driver. Perhaps this was where he was abandoned, and he thought his owner would come to get him. So he survived and waited for that owner. Minus 25 degrees, he was trembling but still wary. He only approached to eat when I moved away. We had to use anesthesia to take him away because his wait was in vain, he didn’t know. We were taking him back to the shelter. At that moment, he was slowly waking up. He wanted to get out of the moving car. He wanted to go back there to continue waiting. That place was fading behind his sad eyes. Seeing him like that broke my heart. At the shelter, we gave him a new name, Sean. He didn’t get along with his roommate and always hid when he saw someone approaching. The next day, we took him for a check-up. His health was stable, nothing to worry about. He was also vaccinated for safety. The hardest part was befriending this dog. He hardly wanted anything to do with anyone. He was always looking for a place to hide. One month had passed, and he was still so cold. He didn’t want to play or interact with anyone, and he didn’t want to leave either. Moreover, he didn’t like the leash at all. He did everything he could to resist it. But at night, things became easier for him, and that was the first time he let me touch him. His face showed no emotion, but I know his heart was warmed by those gestures. He’s just trying to show he’s strong, but deep down, his heart was broken. He closed himself off because he didn’t want to trust anyone. Because the person he believed hurt him in the last 3 months. Sean moved to a place with more friends. The dogs there taught him many things. And Sean was out of his small comfort zone. Despite being a little shy, he’s a great success. Soon, this dog will be happy and smiling. Every day, he walks and visits his friends. And that was also the first time I saw him smile. That smile was truly beautiful; it made my heart skip a beat. In the first few days, he was a little nervous when going out. But then joy made him forget everything. He’s also used to wearing a dog collar. He’s ready for a new and better life, a family. They will have plenty of time to take care of him. It’s hard to say goodbye to Sean. We have so many memories together. But I’m happy for him when he finds an adopter. Concern appeared in his eyes once again, but love took its place. There, he also has new friends to play with and an owner who loves him with all their heart. The past has closed, and a new future has opened. There, Sean is a wonderful and happy boy. Thank you for watching and supporting