The pup fainted in tears after days of struggling with bruises and sightless eyes

This little pup was found on a dirt road in the suburbs. She cried when she finally waited to be rescued and as soon as she got in the car, she passed out. She screamed in fear afterwards, and I thought I had lost her. We reached a nearby vet and the doctors took X-ray images but couldn’t find the cause. She couldn’t walk without a broken bone, but she suffered from severe bruises and pneumonia that night. The pup developed a fever and had seizures that broke my heart and left me terrified. What was happening to this poor pup?

The doctors did everything they could to stabilize her. Eventually, a neurologist arrived and examined her. We found out the reason behind everything. Her head had suffered a severe blow, which also affected her eyesight. She had a seizure during her sleep, but luckily the doctors were there to deal with it in time. She really wanted to get up, but her eyes couldn’t be filled with tears, and so was I. Why would they do this to a pup?

With the help of the neurologists, her condition improved, but I still had to assist her in eating. She was very hungry and ate quickly. It was an incredible experience for her to go through. Fortunately, a farmer saw her and contacted me. She’s just a pup after all. She loves playing, she’s innocent, and completely harmless. I can’t understand how they could do that.

After 3 weeks, she was able to stand. We were delighted with this progress. However, she remained very afraid of injections. She cried like a baby every time it happened. We sent her lots of toys, and she was extremely happy, but her eyesight still hadn’t recovered. The doctor said we needed time and patience, but the good news was that the pneumonia was gone and the bruises were treated too.

Pups put all their trust and love in humans, but that’s not what she received in return. However, pups forget faster than adult dogs because there are adult dogs out there. It takes years to forget, and this pup was enjoying her time with the cat. She slowly started forgetting what happened in the past. Finally, the hardships were over, and we went home. Behind this success were tears, sleepless nights, and the dedication of the doctors.

The veterinarian created miracles for this pup, but her eyesight will never fully recover because the nerves were severely affected. She sees everything around her faintly. Her ears and nose will help guide her, but most importantly, she has captured my heart. I love her with all my heart. Maha has grown up and become a beautiful dog, living a happy life by our side. Thank you for watching and goodbye. See you soon