She was dragged into the undergrowth and suffered alone, ‘please help me out of here

We came across a post asking for help with this dog. We contacted the number on the poster, and someone directed us here. Someone had hidden her under the bushes to escape the heat. When she saw me, she cried out desperately. She was exhausted and had a broken leg. We saw this post a week later, and nothing had been done for a whole week. She survived thanks to the scraps of food provided by a kind person. The veterinarian was just one kilometer away from her location, and we discovered the reason why she couldn’t move her left shoulder: a complex fracture in the broken leg bone. She was strong enough to undergo a four-hour surgical procedure. The doctor assured us that there was no cause for concern and that she had a good chance of recovery and enjoying good health. What she needed was for someone to be by her side and comfort her. My daily task became changing her bandages. Until then, she always remained silent with me. Her eyes still showed sadness and pain, and I could understand why she was like that to me—two broken souls deeply affected by some heartless person who likely used a stick. That’s why she still didn’t trust anyone. She needed physical and mental comfort. Her name is Sonechka. She came to us as a puppy abandoned on the street due to the plague. Her coat was matted, but she was fortunate to have recovered from the poisoning. However, it still affected her, and she sometimes suffered from seizures. They all overcame those difficulties driven by the desire to live. Astra, too, remained under that shrub for a week, eating spoiled food and drinking dirty water. But afterward, she started recovering strongly. She was learning to trust people again. Finally, we received positive news from the veterinarian. She was ready to leave the veterinary clinic. She became a completely different dog. She is happiest when playing with other dogs. There’s something they all share, which is innocence. But someone took it away from her before replacing it with doubt and fear. However, that’s all in the past. She deserves all the love and goodness. Slowly, her heart healed, and Astra became a happy and beautiful dog. She always looks at me with a smile, leaving the past behind to embrace the new chapter. She has friends and family by her side, making her life much more meaningful.