She dragged herself through the snow with 18 bullets, the hunger exhausted her.

A girl called me and spoke about this dog when she found her. The weather was already dark and cold. She crawled quickly towards me, pleading for food. Her knees were red and bleeding from the drag on the snow. As soon as she entered the veterinary clinic, she cried. It was evident that someone had finally helped her. All the sadness and suffering were evident in her tear-filled eyes, filled with pain and sorrow, breaking my heart. I noticed that any sudden noise would startle her. I thought it was just her being cautious of us and her surroundings. It was possible that her injured legs were a result of an accident, and it became clear when we took X-rays. There were 18 bullets in her body. The bullet in her leg wasn’t the cause, as some were in her spine. Why would someone do this to an innocent dog? It was a miracle that she had survived until then. The doctor told me about the second miracle: not a single bullet had penetrated her spinal cord. This meant that this dog still had a chance to walk. I had to ask him twice because I thought I heard it wrong, but she was suffering from heart problems at that time. The doctors did everything necessary to help her. She was cooperative and trusting of everyone. We all dedicated ourselves to a common goal. After two weeks, she underwent a complex surgery on her spine. Everyone was shocked to see the bullets. Then, we sent her to a rehabilitation center where trained professionals would help her become a normal dog. She was extremely thin, and every rib was visible. Recovery took longer than expected, but her hind legs always touched each other. A tube was placed in the middle to aid her walking. We still don’t know how much she can recover. The difficulty level of exercises improved, and she almost completed all of them. However, her hind legs still don’t walk much on their own. We work tirelessly and have transitioned her to water exercises, where she moves her feet more agilely. We were delighted to see daily progress. She shouldn’t have gone through this. What was done to her was unacceptable. I know God protected her and gave her a chance. She gained weight and grew stronger every day. Her hair grew back, and she became incredibly beautiful. We didn’t expect to reach this point in less than a year. She achieved amazing things, swimming like a fish in water. She won’t be able to fully recover and walk normally, but what she has achieved surpasses expectations. We left the hospital and returned home, and I still exercise with her every day. She started a new life with us here, where Alpha has new friends who love and protect her. The storm has passed, and the sky is clear once again. It’s hard for her to forget what happened, but I believe she has left it behind and moved on to the future. It’s me, her friend, and happy smiles.