Rescue trapped dogs, The owner cautioned me to stay away from the dogs he kept down there, it was a dreadful experience

You’re thinking she fell into this tomb? But it’s not like that, a man kept them here for years. He was an unusual man, it was him we feared. I was down below, finding myself in another world. Damp, dirty, and dark. But the dogs were afraid of me, they hid there. They made this place their home and became fearful of me. What did that man do to them? It’s unforgivable. By all means, I have to get them out of this dark place. Finally, I see the sun, everything feels like a nightmare. Taking them out of here was harder than we thought. It’s not big enough for one person to hold a dog, and it’s too deep. We found another shallower way. We took turns digging the hole deep. There’s a female dog down there that just gave birth, and we needed to act fast. See that little pup crawling over there? It’s trying to make its way through the mud to reach its mother. We need to get them out of there as quickly as possible. There were hungry and ferocious dogs. We’re afraid something bad might happen to the puppies. We planned to let them go through this ordeal. Everyone was nearly exhausted by this point. But we didn’t let fear and fatigue take over. We took turns digging. We also asked the man why he did this to the dogs. He smiled and told us with satisfaction, “No one will take care of them better than me.” And that truly sends shivers down my spine. Finally, we found the mother dog and fed her. She went first with the four healthy newborn puppies. She didn’t understand what was happening. One by one, the dogs were taken away. We quickly took them to the shelter to care for them. We named the mother dog Lisa; she’s very smart. At first, she growls at everyone. She’s just exhausted and dehydrated. Just take care of her for a while, and everything will be fine. She did a great job protecting the puppies. The puppies were all chubby and healthy. They’ll have a better life than their mother. Meanwhile, all the other dogs were stable. I was so surprised by this. But they were all accustomed to living in the dark and had little contact with humans. They always find a way to hide and aren’t aggressive when they’re down there. They stayed quiet and huddled together all day. I believe they’ll soon get used to their new life here. The puppies also opened their eyes and nursed well. I often added milk and food for Lisa. They would be nourished and grow faster. Time passed, and the puppies grew quickly. They wanted to explore the world around them. It’s good that they don’t have memories of being born. They’ll just enjoy life and grow. And then they’ll be adopted and start a new life. They’ll have their own families and good owners. The other dogs were used to living here. They’ve changed completely since the first day. They’ve become much more confident and happy. And in turn, they found their own families. Their past gave them strength and hope. And the dream became a reality. What a beautiful ending for all of them